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Wednesday, 09 November 2011 11:39

In Marine Corps training, Huffman remembers singing the following words in cadence, “Jody this & Jody that, Jody is a real cool cat; there’s no use in looking back, Jody’s got your Cadillac; there’s no use in going home, Jody’s got your girl alone; there’s no use in feeling blue, Jody’s got your sister 2….sound off 1, 2; sound off 3, 4; sound off 1 2 3 4!!

During the Second World War, “Dear John” stories were famous and songs were written about “Dear John” letters.  “Dear John, I hate to write, Dear John, I’m with your best friend tonight.  We’re going to get married, etc.”  Like many others in the service, Huffman had his “Dear John” story except he didn’t receive a letter from his girlfriend, Debbie Griffith.  He found out after he returned home.  She went back with him for a few months, but she found he was different. He was blind and stressed, and didn’t know what he was going to do about it before he went to Hines, IL for training.  Huffman says, “When couples are not together during time of war, it leads to many “Dear John” stories.  Sometimes the couples are able to work it out; other times it’s not possible”.  In the case of Huffman, things had changed, he was different; it wasn’t possible.