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Thursday, 21 July 2011 10:11

When Huffman came home from Vietnam as a blind man in 1969, he found things were not always as they appeared.  As expected he was receiving voc rehab services from Veterans Affairs in Heinz, IL; as well as some assistance from the bureau for the blind in Wilmington, DE.  But, who would expect what he immediately found that made sense while traveling the streets in Wilmington, DE with his white cane.  Jaywalking was the best and the safest option for traveling streets unless the street was a major street with 2 or 3 lanes or more going in both directions and lots of traffic.   The corners of streets were rounded into a circle without curbs to accommodate wheelchairs.  The possibility of crossing the street and being caught in the middle of traffic going 4 ways was something to consider because of the rounded corners.  Finding a curb at all was also difficult as a result of accessibility of wheelchairs.  Huffman figured why not just jaywalk.  He only had to listen from one or two directions without slowing down.  He recommends getting on a bus, and then jaywalking for other blind travelers as well.  In certain circumstances, the laws should clearly read, “Jaywalking for the Blind”.