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Two Months of Bedrest PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 09:31

After the automobile accident on his sister Mary’s birthday, 2/26/1970; David Huffman spent two months in Wilmington Memorial Hospital. The night of the accident, he started out paralyzed with a bottle of Boone’s Farm between his legs. He says, “It would have been nice to have a drink of the Boone’s Farm because of the situation, but I couldn’t”. David spent two months in the hospital with a fractured left rotator cuff, right clavicle and a cervical and thoracic fracture. He could not sit up for two months. He had a sand bag on each side of his head. He could not lift his head from in between the sandbags without pulling his hair. He received an operation placing a pin in his left rotator cuff immobilizing his left arm. However, David refused an operation to the fractures in his cervical and thoracic spine. He would not allow traction or a brace to be put on him while he was in bed either. He pleaded for weights but was only given a two pound weight which he would lift 5000 times at a time. After David’s paralysis went away, he did have some remaining minor pain and weakness in his chest, down his left arm and left leg the rest of his life. He just dealt with it.

Meanwhile, life in the hospital was interesting. David did have female visitors. After positive results… his orthopedic informed him that the spinal cord damage was minimized to his left side. While lying flat in the hospital, David was not able to bring his bed into an upright position in order to feed himself. He was left handed; eating with his right hand and blind caused him to decorate his face at times when he didn’t receive help. He did express his frustration when a nurse gave him a hard time; a tray went across the room and nearly went out the window. David believes the nurse did not read the chart. A painful myelogram confirmed the central nervous system damage and the fractures. After two months the orthopedic decided to gradually bring David to his feet through an incline table. A brace was placed on him from his chin to his groin. Once David was on his feet, he signed himself out of the hospital a day later, contrary to the advice of his physician. A few days later, David was diving off a small waterfall with a beer in his hand, brace and all. He admits he wasn’t listening very well to what God was trying to tell him when the strongest part of his body was injured from the car accident. Within another two months, David took the brace off himself. He was able to left weights again. Within a short time, he was even able to do military presses and pushups again. Only the left side was weaker. He just favored his left side. In 1971 David began participating in martial arts, especially judo. Instead of worrying about his injuries, he was thrown on those injuries instead. David said not worrying about it seemed to help.

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