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Monday, 30 January 2012 14:56

Around 1977, David Huffman’s 5 year old daughter Kim took ice skating lessons, along with dad, David Huffman himself at the Wilmington Ice Skating Rink.  There was another blind student in his 20’s taking ice skating lessons.  He was at the intermediate level.  Huffman learned to do figure 8’s, crossovers, and skate backwards, etc.  He skated mostly during off hours.  There weren’t many skaters on the ice skating rink.  He developed presence, and by sound he could tell where he was at in order to stay near the middle of the ice skating rink.  Sighted people were able to look out for him so Huffman and sighted people didn’t run into each other.

One time, the other, more advanced blind skater sat down in the middle of the skating rink.  He was fixing and tying up his skates. Huffman ran into him while he was skating.  No one was hurt.  With both skaters being totally blind, that was a collision that couldn’t be avoided.  Both skaters laughed about it and continued to skate. As for Huffman’s daughter Kim, she did well; she had lots of fun.

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