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Hurricane David PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 11:56

In 1979 David Huffman, his wife Sharon and the Huffman’s children, Kim and Keith, and their niece April went on vacation to Captain’s Cove, VA on the Delaware peninsula near Chincoteague Island.  David’s brother-in-law, George Krause went with the Huffman family.  It was George’s first vacation in 10 years.  George worked for a factory that made steel wires in DE.  After David’s sister became mentally ill, David took George with him to participate in family activities.  The Huffman’s took a nice sized tent down to VA that comfortably was able to accommodate everyone’s sleeping needs.  Also the tent had a screened porch.  David and George put the tent up the first day on low dry ground not thinking about what would happen if it rained.  During the night it began to rain.  The next morning there was a thunderstorm which occurred while the family was out eating breakfast.  When they came back, the tent along with the suitcases were under 12” of water.  The Huffman’s said to themselves, “ok, we’ll deal with it”.   The clothes were taken to a laundromat.  George and David put the tent up on higher ground.  Problem solved.  The next night, the thunderstorms became more frequent.  The wind began to pick up.  In the morning the Huffman’s found out that the family was out in the Delaware peninsula in the path of Hurricane David.  Hurricane David was moving right up the coast.  The winds continued to pick up.  Kim and Sherry went to use the bathroom at a trailer nearby.  They both got knocked off their feet.  The winds continued to increase; every tent in Captain’s Cove campground was blown down except for the Huffman tent.  George and David were physically holding the tent up while the rest of the family was in the car.  They were laughing, “ole Betsy is going to make it through this hurricane”.  Then a tree branch came down and fell right in the middle of the tent.  It was time to go.  There were no available hotel rooms for 100 miles past Dover.  Therefore, the family went all the way back to their home in Melody Woods in New Castle, DE to spend the night.  The next day, the family borrowed Sherry’s brother John’s camper.  The family went back down to Captain’s Cove to finish their vacation.  There was a big gash in the tent where the tree branch had broken through the tent; however, “ole Betsy” a little tattered and torn was still standing just like the American flag.  In addition, “ole Betsy” was infested with thousands of mosquitoes ready to suck blood from within.  When thinking about “ole Betsy”, it is a sobering reminder of current events.  As for George it was a memorable first vacation in 10 years.