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Hearing of a Lifetime PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 10:43

Morgan had just died 8/94.  Huffman and his friends Robert Eastman and David Rively were visiting Pete in Florida.  Peterson and Huffman were still in the reunion partying mode.  Eastman and Rively joined the party.  Pete was having a VA hearing the next day.  Huffman cooked a big pot of navy beans so they could blow the VA away.  Pete was driving his dad’s van which was equipped with a bar in the back of it.  The next day Pete’s wife, Patty and daughter Lisa were ready to testify.  Huffman was representing Pete at his hearing for service connected disabilities.  The beer was being kept cold until after the hearing.  Everyone was loaded with a good dose of navy bean soup.  When entering the VA Regional Office Huffman was told he was limited to an hour and there weren’t enough chairs.  Blind Huffman told the VA he had another attorney to assist him, Robert Eastman.  “Robert will read the code and I will present witnesses and other evidence; it may take more than an hour”.  Huffman requested reasonable accommodations to allow additional chairs so everyone could fit in the room.  Rively was crawling around on the floor under the desk trying to find a place to plug in his recorder making the female Decision Review Officer feel uncomfortable.  Pete’s wife Patty and Lisa testified about Pete’s PTSD symptoms and physical consequences of his wounds.  One issue was the loss of use of a creative organ.  In order to effectively present the creative organ issue and the issue of PTSD, Huffman presented the picture of Pete’s shot penis to the Decision Review Officer.  She looked at it, turned red, and then said, “stressor proved”.  Robert, a younger attorney, got her home phone number.  She said, “If you need anything call me”.  The beans weren’t working.  On the way home, the navy beans became ripe a little late; the windows went up and down.  Eastman, at 70 mph crawled on top of the van dangling by his feet, grabbed a case of beer from the cooler in the back, put the case of beer on top of the van, then through the side window behind the driver’s seat.  Everyone enjoyed a cold one.  Pete did win his hearing and everyone had fun although stinking up the VA never happened.  The hearing was a once in a lifetime hearing.