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Hanoi Jane Story PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:32

Like many other Vietnam Veterans, Huffman was disgusted with the treasonous behavior of Hanoi Jane.  When Veterans get together they reminisce about old tales.  One tale involving Rick Middleton and Hanoi Jane was quite disturbing to Huffman.  Rick Middleton, after being shot chest high where the bullet severed his spine, was left paralyzed for life.  Eventually he made his way back to the VA hospital in Arkansas.  Middleton was a good-looking blonde with a strong accent.  In 1969 he was dealing with the fact that he was paralyzed, but was proud to have served his country.  Jane Fonda, without invitation, showed up at his hospital bed at the VA hospital in Arkansas.  Hanoi Jane offered him a job to join Vietnam Veterans against the war.  She would give him a nice office and a good salary.  Middleton told Hanoi to open her own office.  He watched the people of Arkansas laugh her out of town.  Huffman found it disturbing that Hanoi Jane’s betrayal would include going to the hospital bed of a paralyzed Marine from Mike Company 3/7.  Huffman remembers Middleton having raw potatoes sent to him in Vietnam from his father’s farm.  Too bad he didn’t have one a few months old to throw at Hanoi when she popped him the question.