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Monday, 20 February 2012 11:29

People are led to believe that when one loses his sight his other senses improve.  Most people believe that blind people hear better.  Huffman doesn’t hear better.  His wife, Cheryl says he has selective hearing as women like to say about their husbands.  Actually Huffman had both of his eardrums busted in Vietnam.  His eardrums were repaired from a vein in his right arm.  When he was young looking for young ladies, he liked to represent himself as feeling better in two different ways.  He felt good because he was in shape.  His hands did well because of increased sensitivity.  When he clowns around, he says he smells better.  Actually, he does.  He may have an improved sniffer. His kids couldn’t smoke without being detected.  He did notice an increased awareness.  When his office was in Chadds Ford, PA he’d walk down the hallway, the pressure of the walls on each side would keep him in the center of the hallway without touching either side.  When there was an adjoining hallway he could feel the pressure difference caused by the open hallway.  Although the sense of awareness may be interesting to a non-sighted person, Huffman rather go with the idea of feeling better and an improved sniffer.