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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 10:35

Huffman while living with his daughter Frankie in the 90’s in Painter’s Crossing in Chadds Ford, PA; was in and out of female relationships.  As a blind father he had to get the grocery shopping done when there wasn’t a woman in the house to do the shopping so he hired a grocery shopper.   Frankie was always on the thin side; she did gain more weight when there weren’t women to do the grocery shopping and Huffman hired a grocery shopper.  Huffman would give the grocery shopper his list and would allow Frankie to make her own list.  She would get cheesecake and cookies.  She made cookies and other sweets.  She’d treat herself and make cookies and eat her cheesecake late at night.  Huffman would make for breakfast a delicious, unhealthy breakfast.  He would cook bacon first; then fried eggs with potatoes, onion, cheese and hot peppers in bacon grease.   He did a lot of crock pot cooking for dinner which he put together the night before which was marinated over night; then was turned on in the morning and was ready when he came home from work for him and Frankie.  “Mr. Mom” was able to manage.  Something’s he had to learn the hard way.  One time he put bleach directly on his daughter, Kim’s jeans while washing her clothes which changed the color.  Kim wasn’t happy.  Anyway, thanks to the grocery shopper and Frankie’s love for eating cookies and cheesecake in the evening or late at night; she gained weight and developed into a beautiful young lady.