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Greatest Fear PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 24 October 2011 14:28

After David Huffman’s brother Eddie was murdered 12/7/1971 along with the sequence of events that followed Eddie’s death; David had the motivation to become an attorney.  He did not have the education; he repeated kindergarten when he moved from Wilmington, DE to the orphanage in New Britain, CT at 5 years old.  When he was 13, he moved back to Wilmington, DE; he lived in the projects.  He had the attitude that many others had in the neighborhood – education wasn’t important and it was dumb to be intelligent.  After being blinded in Vietnam and after his brother died, David woke up about education.  He wanted to be an attorney.  However, he had another obstacle.  His greatest fear:  he hesitated when he spoke or fumbled and said the wrong words and spoke “street” language.  He feared public speaking.  How could he ever become an attorney?  His friends that knew him from the projects would say he would be the last one they would expect.  The VA, with great reluctance, allowed him to attend Wilmington College in 1973.  His future was just a dream at the time.  David put the gun against his own head the rest of his life to make it happen. 

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