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Goodbye Shitter PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 30 July 2011 00:00

When Mike Company wasn’t out on operations, there were times when Mike Company was assigned to protect Liberty Bridge near Hill 55.  From there Mike Company would be responsible for hole watches, ambushes, patrols, and road sweeps between Hills 55 and 37.  During the late summer, early fall tropical rains became more of an issue.  A tropical storm of some nature was always a possibility.  Huffman recalls a tropical storm with winds around 50-60 mph.  He was up the tower for awhile until it became dangerous.  The rain came down so hard, the river flooded under Liberty Bridge and much of the landscape around the bridge was flooded as well.  A brown snake came to visit the Marines and was shot.  But something else caught Huffman’s attention even more.  It’s always nice to find something that’ll make you laugh when things are tough.  The area where the outhouse was located towards the bank was flooded.  Huffman watched the outhouse or the shitter float down the river.  When a Marine was out on an operation, ambush or patrol or road sweep; there were no outhouses.  A whole could be dug to put the feces and the toilet paper from the sea rations in; no problem.  On a base camp, it was different.  Everyone wants to be cleaned up and have things in order.  A nice outhouse with shit paper is a good way to relax.  Huffman doesn’t recall how the problem was solved.  He was just entertained by the floating shithouse.  I guess there wasn’t much else to do; the rain slowed the enemy’s activities as well.