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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 04 February 2013 14:02

At 16 years old while living in the projects in East Lake in Wilmington, DE; David walked in his house.  His father was arguing and beating on his mom and his sister Robin while drunk.  David put an end to this incident and any future abuse by punching his own father.  He recalls his father curling up in a ball.  He then got up and walked away.  David’s mom and father were getting a divorce.  When David’s father walked away, David recalls looking at him as being a smaller weaker man; “he can’t hurt anyone anymore”.   When David thinks about the picture of his father walking away, it reminds David of the most important thing in life: forgiveness.  David’s father a few years later after David came back from Vietnam blind; disappeared as a broken man without the love he could have had in his life from family and friends.  Although not forgotten, his misdeeds are forgiven by David.  God will be his judge.  David’s sure he’s asked God to forgive him and give him the strength to deal with the love his father lost in his life.  “I believe in positive and negative karma.  When I failed, it’s usually when I failed to forgive.  When I succeeded instead of getting even; I forgave and did the right thing.  I believe forgiveness is the key to happiness.  It takes a load off of your shoulders”.