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Feel Nothing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 27 October 2011 10:01

One defense mechanism for a combat Veteran is to feel nothing. Give the bodies a glancing look unless directly involved.  Do not stare and think about the past and the future; stay within the moment.  Keep the mind off the danger.  Focus on what’s next.  When Marines’ are being medevac’d, take their sea rations and their water.  They won’t need it anymore.  Step past the dead bodies; tomorrow’s another day. 
The concept of feeling nothing is a defense mechanism that helps combat Veterans handle the losses.  Later, it becomes difficult to turn it off and on.  As the hardships of life moves forward; these Veterans have learned to do what they need to do and avoid feeling it. 
As Huffman moved forward through life after Vietnam; he advanced in life not always feeling the bullets that passed through him, and not worrying about the ones that missed.  He absorbed and tried to do the right things, though fumbling at times; and focus on his goals while he was dodging bullets throughout his life. 

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