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Fear of Failure PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00

When Huffman took his GED while at the Hines Blind Rehabilitation Center for Veterans in Hines, IL in 1969, he scored high in math and low in English; yet, somehow he passed.  Huffman’s vocabulary and spelling was awful.  He had expressive aphasia, mixing up his words when he spoke, with a little bit of dialect to boot, from the projects from when he was a teenager.  Getting hit with a baseball bat and being in an explosion in Vietnam, and being in a car wreck wasn’t helpful to his memory.  When the VA did not automatically allow him to go to college, he insisted, although they told him he would fail, but for him, failure was not an option.  After insisting, Huffman was allowed to go to Wilmington College in Wilmington, DE part-time.  The first semester, he had 2 B’s and a D in 1973.  Every semester seemed like a failure was going to occur all over again.  He received tapes from the Library of Congress, textbooks, and had readers, including his wife, Sherry.  He taped his classes to remember his lessons and learn the vocabulary of his professors.  Despite his basic fear of failing each semester, his biggest fear was speaking in public exposing his speech impediments.  When it did not end in failure, he decided he’d eventually become an attorney where hiding his speech impediment problems would be impossible.  In 1977 he received a BA in Behavioral Science with honors; he then tried to get into Delaware Law School; he then got another BS in Criminal Justice with a 4.0.  He was told by VA Voc Rehab that they weren’t going to pay for law school anyway.  He then went to the Division for the Visually Impaired in DE; they did pay for the first semester until the VA Regional Office realized it was wrong to refuse per the direction of Washington.  Huffman successfully completed law school in 1981; he took the PA Bar in February 1982 and passed.  If you ask Huffman, how he did it, he would say “with the help of others, the help of God, and Judo diverting my stress”.