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Monday, 16 January 2012 09:56

September 30th, 2006 David Huffman married his wife, Cheryl.  Huffman has a business which assists Veterans and other disabled people.  He has a client party every year.  Invitations went out to clients and their families, Huffman’s family and friends for what appeared to be another yearly client party.  Huffman and his significant other, Cheryl decided to get married and that at 58 and 57 years old, no wedding presents were wanted or expected.  Announcing a wedding may have also been a disincentive for those to come who did not have anything to give.  Therefore, the couple did not tell anyone they were getting married except those involved such as the preachers, the Judge and Cheryl’s mom, Dorothy Beary.  Cheryl’s mom was 85 years old.  She would not have come and gave Cheryl away unless she knew.  Most of Huffman’s family from out of town didn’t come; the family just believed it was a party.  The party was at Huffman’s historical house on Juliana Street in Parkersburg, WV.  Cheryl prepared for days.  Huffman greeted the 235 guests and thanked the Veterans and other disabled persons for the opportunity to assist with their claims.  He thanked his staff for their good work.  Many asked everyone if they were enjoying the food, soft drinks, and beer.  Huffman said he enjoyed the food and drinks too; in fact, “I’m going to marry the cook; I’m going to marry her right now.” The guests were spread all over.  Huffman was in the back where there was a karaoke system.  A band was playing in the front yard.  Guests were inside the house with the food; some of the guests were getting beer out of the kegs on the porch.  Those words spread like wildfire. Huffman continued, “Maybe she’ll marry me if Elvis Presley sings a love song to her.”  A Veteran dressed up in an Elvis Presley costume came to the microphone next to Huffman to sing.  Elvis Presley didn’t know Huffman was getting married either and didn’t hear the announcement while he was putting on his costume.   He started to sing, “Return To Sender”; Huffman said, “no, I want a love song.”  Elvis then sang “Love Me Tender”.  Cheryl still didn’t come out of the house to marry Huffman with a “Love Me Tender” Elvis song sung by someone else.  Huffman then sang his own karaoke to Cheryl; he sang, “You’re Always on My Mind.”  Then Cheryl came from the kitchen with her rings, wearing dungarees and her apron to get married.  There were two preachers including Mike Hickman and Judge Hill.  Judge Hill lived across the street.  Cheryl informed Judge Hill about the wedding just in case he was needed.  The wedding went on; the couple exchanged rings, Cheryl’s mom Dorothy gave Cheryl away.  The family that didn’t attend were told, “You did receive an invitation”.  The wedding was one day after September 29th, when Huffman was wounded in Vietnam; the same day his sister Nancy and John Guthrie married.  Huffman pulled his best man off the guest list, Gary Walker from CA, Huffman’s replacement in Vietnam with Mike Company 3/7, and another Mike Company 3/7 guest, Wayne Vines from AL.  Neither Walker nor Vines knew they were the best men.  During the wedding, Huffman did have the pleasure of introducing his newly discovered blood brother, Terry Barnette as well.  Terry Barnette shared the same booby trap with Huffman in Vietnam that blinded Huffman.  Huffman and the guests ate, sang karaoke, and drank and were happy the rest of the day.

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