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Monday, 20 February 2012 11:23

David Huffman learned to change diapers when he had his first child Kim February 1972; then there was Keith 18 months later. There was a need for lots of diapers when David was involved with changing. He’d take off the old diaper; use a face cloth and another diaper to clean the baby; and a 3rd diaper to dry the baby.  Powder up then put on the 4th diaper.  He’d wash the diaper in the toilet if there was a surprise.  He would then put the diapers in the diaper pail.  When David was responsible for the changing he checked often.  The diaper supply was expensive.  When his wife Sherry and David began changing Frankie’s diapers in 1978 after they were taking care of Frankie, Pampers were beginning to hit the market.  David could not figure out why anyone would be so cruel to use Pampers when Pampers first came out and resisted. He believed Pampers were for lazy people.  He’d rather use diapers and safety pins.  By the time his second wife Peggy had William in 1990, his thinking began to change after being the parent of 3 babies in the past.  At one time he was convinced that Pampers kept babies wet; they weren’t a good idea.  After Peggy decided to use a diaper service for diapers and after sniffing the situation David decided Pampers wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  He still used extra cloth diapers for cleaning.   David admits sometimes it’s hard to change.  Being blind didn’t make any difference; he was still stuck in the old ways.