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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 10:36

When Huffman was a teenager, he was skinny and not real coordinated with his dancing and like most teenagers he liked looking in the mirror before he went to Vietnam.  A dance meant just stand around and talk to girls and listen to the music.  Since he was blinded, he took various kinds of martial arts including judo, karate, and aikido and a little bit of yoga.  In the 90’s, when Huffman went through divorces and was first reunited with Mike Company 3/7 during the reunions, with a few beers, Huffman had energy to burn.  “I never took dance lessons and didn’t know what everyone else was doing so my hands, knees, feet and trunk looked more like martial arts steps and foot sweeps, rather than any particular kind of dance.  I’ve been known to do a flip on the dance floor.  At 65, I think that would hurt. But one advantage of having a martial arts background is that my awkwardness and coordination wasn’t like it was when I was a teenager.  Now at 65, I prefer slow dances most the time until my loss of memory causes me to forget I’m 65.” 

Strangely, Huffman did win a dance contest at a Paralyzed Veterans of America event around 1995 in Delaware with paralyzed veterans, families, and friends attending.  Some paralyzed veterans could really make their wheelchairs dance; their families and friends were good dancers as well.  Paralyzed veterans usually could beat most strong men in arm wrestling contests.  Huffman says he has friends that are paralyzed veterans that he knows he couldn’t beat in an arm wrestling contest.  Now since Huffman has added cane techniques to his martial arts, if Huffman’s clowning around,  the cane is added to his dance routine.  Huffman states, “Someday if I end up in a wheelchair like some of my brother veterans, I’d look into making the wheelchair dance as well.  I’m glad they didn’t run over my toes”.