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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 09:06

Mike Company was doing a road sweep on a one day operation on the road between Hill 37, 65, and then Hill 25.  Sometimes Mike Company walked; other times they got on the top of amtracks.  One of the amtracks hit a booby trap; it was the amtrack just in the front of the one Huffman was on.  There were a couple wounded Marines.  That kind of event was a normal day in Vietnam.  However, something happened earlier that wasn’t so normal.  During operations and sweeps, a Marine would find himself stopping and starting while walking for miles.  Huffman stopped alongside the road near a small Vietnamese village between Hill 37 and 65.  He was standing on the side of the road with his feet sticking out just a little bit onto the road.  A Volkswagen bus filled with women and children and a male driver who appeared to be an Arvin, was to the left of him parked several yards away.  The vehicle had plenty of room to get around his feet.  Instead it ran right over his left foot by his ankle.  Another Marine saw the event happen and immediately called “corpsman up”; no corpsman was needed.  Huffman being ticked off immediately stood up and put his M16 on automatic. He then thought about the women and children and Marines down the road.  He didn’t think about the other Mike Company7Marines down the road, and maybe yelling at the Marines down the road to “stop that bus” so he could get a piece of the driver.   Instead he went to his childhood nature.   Instead of blowing someone’s head off, he picked up a rock and threw it at the back window of the bus.  Strangely the springs on the bus when the bus ran over Huffman’s foot must have bounced perfectly.  Huffman said, “It didn’t hurt at all”.  He wondered what an opportunity this would be to get out of the bush.  Being hurt after a bus runs over your left foot is reasonable.  Huffman said, “I couldn’t use any excuses to get out of anything; but I did go to my childhood instincts and threw a rock at a bus.”