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Congratulations For Passing The Bar PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 10 August 2011 00:00

One of the nicest experiences Huffman says he experienced is when he was with the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program May 1983.  Vietnam Veterans involved in the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program from 50 different locations came to Washington for a get acquainted with the program and a strategy meeting.  When each participant came to DC from all over the country, they left a few words on a tape for Huffman:  “Congratulations for passing the Bar”.  Then they threw in their digs and chuckles.  One Marine said on the tape, “Marines don’t pass the bar they stop at everyone.”  It kind of reminded Huffman about the way he was when he first came back from Vietnam.  He was a blind bar hopper for a short time until he got married to Sharon Guthrie; he didn’t pass bars. Now Huffman had just passed the PA bar.  Of course, there had to be more.  Some of them, along with Huffman, went out in taxis to 14th Street to have a few.  Huffman was then set up by the other Vietnam Veterans that went out with him. They paid for a lap dancer to lap dance all over him.  During those moments, Huffman wasn’t just blind he was paralyzed.  He stopped at another bar instead of passing it.  This one he can remember.

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