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Sunday, 28 November 2010 19:00

David Huffman was one of four brothers; 3 of the brothers were in Vietnam: Al-Navy, David-Marines, and Raymond-Army. The older brother Eddie was already married. He had children. Eddie, 27 years old, was murdered by ____Davis Pearl Harbor day, 1971 in Wilmington, DE. Eddie was assisting a female who was involved in a domestic dispute with Davis. It makes one think, what’s more dangerous; war or domestic disputes? Davis and his girlfriend were acquaintances of Eddie and his family. The police took Davis’ girlfriend and her baby over to Eddie’s house the night before the murder 12/6/1971 after an abuse incident. Davis’ girlfriend went to work as a waitress the next day, Pearl Harbor day 12/7/1971. Davis showed up that evening at Eddie’s house with a sawed off shotgun demanding his baby. He shot Eddie dead.

Davis was charged with first degree murder. A few months later Eddies brother David, David’s wife Sherri, sisters and mother were stunned by a plea bargain agreement from first degree murder to manslaughter without notification. The family read the plea bargain agreement in the Wilmington News Journal. David Huffman a high school dropout didn’t know the difference between a plea bargain or collective bargain agreement at the time. He was hyper vigilant from being in Vietnam in combat. He knew one thing; it didn’t seem right. David, his wife Sherri, his mom and sister Mary, made an appointment to talk to the Assistant Attorney General (Weird) about the plea bargain. David hardly able to express his dissatisfaction, was told to leave almost immediately. Before realizing what he was doing, David’s fist went into the jaw of the Assistant Attorney General. Two large men immediately came to Assistant Attorney General (_) assistance. David did not physically resist the men, although he engaged in a verbal outburst. David’s wife, Sherri, mother, and sisters Mary and Helen were screaming out of concern for David’s safety when he was being subdued. Two months later, Davis was sentenced 20 years for manslaughter. David’s family did not tell him about the sentencing until after the fact.

The prosecutor and defense attorney made a joke about the violent tendencies of Eddie’s family. Both the joke during sentencing and the attack against the Assistant Attorney General were embarrassing to David. Thankfully, Attorney ___did not press charges. He later became Attorney General for Delaware. There was some good that came out of it. After the incident, there was discussion in Delaware about plea bargain agreements being made in serious criminal cases without contacting the family of the victims. The law in DE was changed in order to prevent victims of families of reading plea bargaining agreements in the paper in the future as a result of the incident. As for David, he learned another way to solve problems. If there’s something he didn’t like, he could do something about it in another way. He obtained an education and became a lawyer. He put himself in a position to be a part of the process.

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