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Friday, 17 October 2014 08:22

Yes, there’s the issue with blind people in the matching of their clothes.  Especially with blind persons like Huffman who is totally blind.  Yes, there’s the issue of matching the right colors.  Huffman made it easy for himself over the years by buying practically all black socks.  Blind people don’t see the changes in dress styles and seem to be stuck in the clothes they wore decades earlier. Then there are the spouses.  In Huffman’s case the wife and the ex’s.  Huffman’s first wife, Sherry was stuck in the 70’s with clothes she bought for the both of them.  In the 90’s Huffman’s ladies were all over the place with their dress and how they encouraged him to dress.  Huffman just wanted to be comfortable, “don’t throw away my old sandals, or shoes, or purple farmer’s pants”.  Wearing judo pants around the house was normal.  Buying the same kind of shoes can become a problem.  Huffman has been known to wear different colored shoes to church.  They were the same shoes just different colors.  Plain colored clothes are always easier to match than shirts that were multi-colored.  Huffman was always lucky he had a woman around to help with the matching of clothes: dress him up when he wanted to dress down, ask him to tuck his shirt in and he’d say, “Tuck your own shirt in”.  He did wear nice suits to court and hearings as an attorney.  He always was lucky to have eyes around him unlike some blind couples.  For instance, Huffman’s daughter Frankie recently met a blind couple in DE; she said “their 12 year old daughter is now at the age that she needs to tell her mom and dad that she needs to pick out her own clothes.”  Huffman’s wife Cheryl does a good job picking out his clothes.  Huffman likes loose shirts and doesn’t like to tuck his shirt in.  “If it’s comfortable, don’t throw it away”, says Huffman.