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Thursday, 15 March 2012 14:04

April ’99 Pete and Huffman went to the County Line to have a cold drink after Huffman flew down to Florida from Pennsylvania.  Huffman met Cheryl.  On the way out she gave Pete’s friend Huffman a friendly hug.  Huffman thought to himself as Cheryl put her breasts against him, “interesting”.  Huffman then returned to Florida from Pennsylvania September ’99 during the time when Hurricane Floyd was threatening Florida, but headed up the east coast instead.  Huffman was in Baltimore with his friend Ralph Baker with Baker Safety Chutes participating in a demonstration for the Baker’s safety chute, “Slide for Life” off the roof of a 10 floor building.  When Hurricane Floyd threatened Florida; Huffman decided to go to Florida with Pete.  Hurricane Floyd was packing 150 mph winds at the time.  Pete was worried about his wife, Patti with the hurricane hanging off the coast of Florida heading toward Weirsdale, Florida where Pete and Patti lived.   While Pete and Huffman headed to Florida, Hurricane Floyd  bypassed Florida, hit the Carolinas with hurricane force winds.  Hurricane Floyd moved up the coast and hit Philadelphia with sustained tropical force winds and several inches of rain.  Meanwhile, the drive to Florida was uneventful. 

While in Florida, Huffman met Cheryl a second time at Pete’s house.  She snuck up from behind and pushed him in Pete’s pool which led to a lot of splashing, conversation, and getting to know each other.  Cheryl moved to Philadelphia a few months later.  The plan was to close the Philadelphia office and move to Florida within several months to hang out with Pete.  The plan was accomplished except for a major diversion.  Cheryl and Huffman moved to Parkersburg, WV where he was going to retire temporarily before he moved to Florida because of Cheryl’s elderly mom; then Cheryl and Huffman intended to move to Florida for good.  Cheryl’s mom had a stroke and three heart attacks which wasn’t looking good causing the diversion in the plan.  Cheryl agreed to quit smoking.    Cheryl’s mom is around 11 years later, still tending to her little garden in the summer although she had a few more heart attacks.   In 2012 she’ll turn 92. 

After assisting David Tedrick a retired Army Captain; and his brother Phil with their VA claims, Huffman’s retirement turned in to a full blown law practice assisting Veterans and other disabled persons.  He now has 17 employees.  Huffman discovered in Parkersburg, WV lived the former wife, Jean and some of the children of Huffman’s brother who was murdered in 1971.  Jean died in 2004 from cancer.  In 2006 Huffman met Barnette in Parkersburg, the Marine who shared a booby trap with him in Vietnam.   The same Barnette that was the founder of the Deerwalk Veterans Association which assisted Veterans and their families with some minor bills and food.  Huffman thought Barnette was killed in the explosion.   Huffman assisted Barnette with his VA claim just like he’s done for others – add before the VA subtracts. 

“Good morning Vietnam; Good evening Cheryl…so much for retirement”.

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