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Tuesday, 22 February 2011 16:03

A couple of weeks after signing himself out of Wilmington Memorial Hospital, David Huffman met Sharon Guthrie through a mutual friend, Johnny Neal. Johnny Neal was a keyboard player and singer, who was legally blind that was dating Sherry’s girlfriend, Tricia. The next weekend Sherry went bowling with David, blind, with a brace from neck to groin, and all at the bowling alley off of New Castle Ave., New Castle, DE. The natural consequence of laying flat for two months would be to submit to or find a way to avoid the bladder plumber. David was able to avoid the plumber by holding the pee bottle for hours. The plumber’s the one who puts the catheter in you. Although he avoided the bladder plumber, David was not able to avoid another consequence of laying flat for two months: constipation. He was moved while hospitalized at times by Ex-lax or enemas. When thinking about success, he recalls being given a present: a sign that read “happiness is a warm bedpan”. He says that the bedpans were cold. The problem of constipation doesn’t go away over night just because you’re on your feet. The night before bowling with Sherry, David took some Ex-lax. Bowling was an exciting experience. Sherry would outscore him sometimes by 125 to 40. David did have a habit of throwing the ball a little too hard. One time the ball skipped down the wrong alley, went down the steps and hit a door putting a dent in it. His accuracy wasn’t as good as it was when he could see; I guess he was learning a new way of doing things. Meanwhile, he had an accident. He asked Sherry to take him to the bathroom. He cleaned himself up in the bathroom; put a jacket around his waist; he walked home with Sherry; and got changed. She never knew what happened until years later when he told her; “remember when I left the bowling alley in a hurry?” Sherry turned out to be his first wife for 18 years. Their first date turned out to be a mess.