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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 13:28

Before David Huffman was born his sister Helen, Rayleah, his brother Eddie and Al were in this world first.  Rayleah died as a baby.  The Huffman children’s father Raymond, and mother Helen had problems.  Rayleah had already died in the hands of her own mother by shaking or spanking Rayleah too hard and was charged for the death of her daughter.  The Huffman children’s mother Helen was only 14 years old when she married Raymond who was 24.  Huffman’s father, Raymond would drink heavily and abuse his wife Helen.  They both abused and neglected the children.  After David was born, his sister Mary was born, then Susan, then Robin.  The Huffman’s mother Helen had a history of suicide attempts as a result of jumping off a bridge, leaving the gas on in her home and lying in front of the stove.  In 1953, the First Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE came to the children’s assistance. All the children except for Susan were taken to the Klingberg Children’s Home in New Britain, CT.   Susan was too young; she went to a foster home.  Robin was either still in the oven or freshly out of the oven.  Meanwhile, during the next couple of year’s brother Raymond was born in 1954 and in November 1955 sister Nancy was born to complete the Huffman family.  During the first few years, the older kids, Helen then Eddie returned home to live with their parents.  Meanwhile, Robin was sent to the children’s home as well. In 1960 Susan returned home from the foster home; Al, David, Mary and Robin returned home from the children’s home after David ran away for three days in 1961.  There was hope that the Huffman’s parents had straightened up their lives. However, the Huffman children’s father Raymond’s heaving drinking continued as well as the abuse.  The abuse included physical and sexual abuse which ended up being addressed by the court and the ending of Raymond and Helen’s marriage.  The abuse ended entirely when at 16 years old, David walked in while his father was hitting his mother and was put in position where he hit his own father.  After knocking his father down, when his father walked away, David had enough with a big impression of his father: the house painter and the abuser.  “You can’t hurt anyone anymore, and I don’t want to be like you”.

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