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Blind, What Do You Mean? PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 12 September 2011 10:41

After the first Mike Company reunion the summer of 1993; Huffman visited Morgan and Pete on a number of occasions before Morgan died August 1994.  Morgan was wounded 3-4 times in Vietnam.  He had a history of Hodgkin’s disease and received chemotherapy and radiation in the early 80’s.  The chemotherapy and radiation burned his organs and caused neuropathy throughout his torso and extremities.  Morgan couldn’t feel his feet and would drive with his feet on the gas pedal and the brake at the same time.  Huffman filed for service connection for Hodgkin’s disease in behalf of Morgan due to Agent Orange exposure while in Vietnam.  In order to assist Morgan with his Veterans Affairs claim for Hodgkin’s disease residuals, Huffman requested the VA to grant Morgan loss of use of his legs for any practical purpose.  In order to cause this to happen, Huffman went to see Morgan’s primary physician at the VA in order to get the primary physician to sign a loss of use of the lower extremities statement.  Huffman was then shocked when the medical provider said to him, “what about his eyes; he can barely see”?  Huffman now realized why Morgan always drove in the daytime and drove with two tires on or near the shoulder of the road.  Sometimes Morgan drove 90 mph in order to get home before dark.  Now, blind Vietnam Veteran, Huffman, knew not only was he receiving a ride from a Marine with loss of use of his lower extremities; he was also nearly blind.  Huffman knew the only difference between a blind driver and an almost blind driver is a blind driver knows his limitations.