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Monday, 10 January 2011 15:21

In 1971, David Huffman lived in Newport Garden Apartments in Newport, DE. He had a designated parking spot right in front of the apartment building where he lived. He would walk directly up the steps to the door on the second floor to enter his apartment. Across the parking lot, there was an apartment building identical to his apartment building. The second floor apartment door up the steps was exactly the same as well. However, David didn’t notice it until he went out to have a beer on a nice summer day during the late spring of 1971. After a drink or two he was able to get a ride home and pick up a case of beer before he was dropped off at the apartment. There must have been some miscommunication of where he wanted to be dropped off. He was dropped off at the apartment building across the parking lot by mistake. David did what he always did. He walked up the steps into the room and did what he’d do naturally; he laid the case of beer down on the dining room table- except it wasn’t his dining room table. A lady about 20 years older than him lived there in the apartment he had entered as an innocent intruder. She was known as “the dog lady” in the neighborhood, because she had several dogs in her apartment. Surprisingly, since David walked into the house like he lived there, neither her nor the dogs were startled. It was like they were his doggies. Embarrassed, he then apologized, picked up his case of beer; walked across the parking lot, opened one, sat down and had himself a nice cold drink. He thought to himself, “What if the story had ended differently with the blind man and the doggies?”

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