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Blind Truck Driver Could Not Spill Pete’s Beer PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 August 2011 00:00

After picking up Huffman at the airport, Morgan took Huffman to his home in Port Ritchey, FL with a pier on the canal.  Morgan’s home endured a flood March 13th, 1993 during a hurricane equivalent to a winter storm.  He had 4’ of water in the living room.  The next day Huffman learned more about southern Marine Corp hospitality: how to party.  Pete had invited his family and his friends to meet Huffman.  There was food; drinks, and more food.  Everyone watched “A Face of War”, a movie about Mike Company, 2nd Platoon in 1966.  At one time Pete asked Huffman what he missed most after becoming blind.  Huffman said, “I used to drive a truck. When I drove a truck I could see the female legs hit the pedals in the little cars below; it was entertaining”.  Pete decided that he would give Huffman an opportunity to drive a truck.  Pete’s wife, Patti, videoed the event.  Pete stood in the back of the truck with a beer; Morgan rode shotgun telling Huffman to turn left or right and grabbed the steering wheel if Huffman needed any additional help.  There was a field, a farm and bales of hay on the property next door.  Huffman took off.  As soon as he did he popped the clutch, Pete went flying off the back of the truck with a beer in his hand, flipped and landed on his feet still holding his beer.  It didn’t spill.  Pete had good balance as a result of being a star running back in high school.  After getting used to the clutch, Huffman made another attempt to take off driving as fast as 50 mph just missing the bales of hay while Patti videoed.  As Morgan and Huffman drove around, everyone was watching the blind driver drive Pete’s truck through the field.  One time while videoing and verbally giving count by count of the action, Patti says, “Oh no, the truck’s coming towards me; I’m getting out of the way”.  The party continued until late at night.  The Marines talked, laughed and enjoyed the new experience of being alive with those who were there.

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