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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 25 July 2011 08:01

When David Rively, D-2, worked for Huffman for Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 83 in DE; David introduced Huffman to his cousin, Ross Medina, an Air Force retiree.  Rively was Navy, Huffman, a former Marine.  After retiring from the Air Force, Medina had his pilot license and enjoyed flying.  One day in 1984, he rented a small plane and took Huffman and his daughter, Frankie for a ride.  The plane allowed either person sitting in front to pilot the plane.  Medina encouraged Huffman to take over the piloting for awhile.  He kept his hands on his own controls just in case he was needed.  Huffman soon discovered the importance of eyes while piloting a plane.  It was difficult for him to tell if the plane was turning down, sideways, or up without being told, looking at the horizon, or instruments like a sighted person would do.  Huffman flew the plane for about 20 minutes near the Dover Air Force Base.  Huffman now says, “I wonder how the Dover Air Force Base would have responded to this plane flying crazily near the Dover Air Force Base after 911”; but in wasn’t after 911, it was 1984.