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Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:00

David Huffman and his wife, Cheryl was at their friend Barbara’s house.  Barbara’s 12 year old granddaughter Faith was shooting baskets.  The basketball hoop was lower than a normal basketball hoop.  Huffman couldn’t get the feel for the lower hoop so he kept backing up.  When he backed up against the wall about 20’ away and made 3 out of his last 4 shots and said, “I’m quitting while I’m ahead”.  Two weeks later he went to his voice/piano teacher Michelle’s house for his lessons.  Michelle’s son was shooting baskets.  Huffman said, “Let me shoot it a few times”.  Huffman’s wife Cheryl again tapped on the rim.  Huffman was centered, but slightly short the first shot; hit the rim the second time, and made the basket on the third time.

In the 1970’s Huffman recalls he was at the YMCA in Wilmington, DE before judo practice when he decided to shoot a basket from the foul line.  He shot the basketball from back and underneath his leg and swished it.  “I tried it a few years later and was able to duplicate the basket; however; now at 65 I’m not that agile and not able to get my leg up high enough to get the basketball under it, but I would like the challenge.  It’s bad enough being blind; now my legs don’t go up the way I want them”.