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Bar Fight 1993 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 July 2013 07:11

Huffman flew down to visit Morgan and Pete for the second time since the reunion. Morgan and Pete picked Huffman up at the airport in Orlando. The three stopped to have a few cold beers at a bar. A couple was asked to leave the bar because they weren’t wearing shoes. They went and put shoes on and returned to the bar. Meanwhile, Morgan and Pete were buying beer for themselves and Huffman. They wouldn’t allow Huffman to buy. Since Huffman was blind, Morgan and Pete were able to pay the waitress for the beer before Huffman had a chance. Huffman then decided to outflank Pete and Morgan by walking from the table to the bar. He walked between the couple sitting on their bar stools that had been thrown out the bar earlier. For some reason, the male pushed Huffman. Huffman was trying to feel his way through to get to the bar. Huffman thought the world of Pete and Morgan since Vietnam. Both Pete and Morgan had their own wounds from Vietnam as well. Huffman was embarrassed. He did not want Morgan and Pete to take up for him. With one move, the bar stool and the man that pushed him was on the floor. Pete said to the man while he was looking up from the floor saying what happened, “my friend’s blind but not that blind”. Two other Marines that saw what happened looked out and guarded while Huffman, Morgan, and Pete left. Morgan switched his walking stick with Huffman. He said, “I’m the blind guy, I don’t want my attorney to be arrested”. The three of them stopped at the City Line. The owner of City Line, Winnie, told the police they were there all day. Huffman said he would not have reacted the same way had he not been shoved in front of his two friends from Vietnam. He could not have his friends save him without saving himself first.