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Bamboo Viper or Salamander PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 09:26

In September 1968, the day after another Marine, Thomas Richards, was killed by a sniper round, 10 NVA unknowingly walked up on Huffman and Cudnik’s position. Cudnik opened up with an M79 round after he realized it wasn’t Huffman and the other Marines joined in the fight including Huffman.  The next day, the NVA were not happy with the Marines.  The NVA had a number of casualties.  Morgan cut one of their heads off and put it on a bamboo pole for them to see to get them more pissed off, which angered the NVA more.  That day there was occasional sniper rounds and a rocket was shot towards the positions. Huffman was located in between dried paddy dikes with a 3’ foot dike in front of him.  After a rocket landed nearby, Huffman decided to dig in under the dike.  Strangely, he felt something in his pants near his privates.  He only had small incident; it was several inches long, a small skinny thing.  He instantly thought a bamboo viper; the 7’ drop snake.  He immediately made a noise while he popped up and shook his pants and it fell out.  He didn’t see where it went.  Huffman screamed; he was more worried about the snake for an instant than the enemy.  It may have just been a salamander.  When he got back down, a sniper round landed nearby.  He then lit up a Salem cigarette that was in his rations.  Huffman says, “That Salem cigarette was the highlight of my smoking years”.