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Backing Into College PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 10:42

After Huffman returned from Vietnam, he received Voc Rehab from Hines, IL VA. He was trained in traveling as a blind person; received training in typing, braille, and other blind management issues.  The automobile accident February 26th, 1970 set him back.  For two months he couldn’t sit up; he wore a brace for another two months.  January 9th, 1971 he married Sharon Guthrie.  Although Huffman was receiving disability, he began to think about his future.  At first he wanted to work at Justice Brothers.  He knew in his mind he could deliver furniture and appliances and install them.  Someone would just have to take the front and do the “driving”.  He didn’t feel climbing on top of a roof would be a problem either.  He wasn’t rehired by Justice Brothers.  The VA did not provide any employment assistance to the blind in DE. The Bureau of Visually Impaired did; however, they did not recognize Huffman as someone that was intelligent, although they did allow him to participate in one pre-college course at the University of DE prior to marrying Sharon.  He did not last a semester. There were hyper-vigilant issues as well according to them.  Huffman was interested in working for General Motors in DE.  However, the Bureau of Visually Impaired discouraged GM from hiring him.  Huffman then trained for the blind restaurant management program.  Another older blind guy, Charlie, was teaching him.  Huffman did everything he was told.  Nevertheless, he was not told that he could not exercise or do his Judo moves when there were customers around.  Huffman was reprimanded by the program anyways.  He then told the Bureau of Visually Impaired that if it’s that way, he’s just not interested anymore.  He then went to the VA to join the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  He was told that he was not allowed to be in the Voc Rehab program because his test scores indicated he would not be successful, until he persisted.  When he was finally accepted into Wilmington College, he only took three courses the first semester; his grades were two B’s and a D.  His grades steadily went up from there.  Huffman became a student for eight years.

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