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Baby Raspberries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 09:34

David Huffman’s son, William was a few months old or so when he ate his first solid food, raspberries. Mom was out shopping, Dad was doing what dad’s normally do while watching a small baby: changing diapers, playing, feeding, cleaning up, and changing baby’s clothes. Baby William never had solid food. Dad decided it was time for baby to try solid food for the first time, why not soft raspberries after a warm bottle of milk? Dad would take one raspberry at a time and stick the soft raspberry into baby’s mouth. William responded with pleasure; baby’s first treat. William’s blind dad did not realize a baby plays with whatever he has in his mouth. The baby would spit it out, put it back in his mouth, and put his hands on his face, all before swallowing. Baby’s face became a bloody red before Dad had a chance to clean baby’s face. Mom came home from shopping. She immediately went into a panic, “What happened to William, he’s bleeding? We got to get him to a hospital.” Dad said, “No problem, William just had his first taste of raspberries.” William coo’d and smiled with raspberries all the way from his forehead to the bottom of his chin, looking very satisfied. He didn’t have any of his mom’s concerns.