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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 14 October 2014 10:45

Huffman learned about being stuck in your own ways can affect those around you the hard way.  After being divorced from his first wife, Sherry, Huffman lived with his daughter, Frankie.  While being married to Sherry, Huffman believed after shave lotion and cologne was for men; perfume and deodorant was for women.  As an adult, Huffman did take a bath every day.  As a teenager, well…!  While living with her dad in the 90’s, Frankie informed her dad that deodorant is for men as well.   Frankie said, “It doesn’t matter if you take a bath, as soon as you sweat your armpits stink especially if someone is as active as you are dad”.   Huffman, a little embarrassed stated, “It may be the pits, but it’s never too late to learn”.  Now, maybe Huffman’s other senses will improve since he’s blind.   He’ll smell better.  Although Huffman had a vein removed from his arm to repair his eardrums after being in the explosion in Vietnam and doesn’t hear better, he still does smell better thanks to Frankie.

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