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An Important Lesson PDF Print E-mail
Written by David L Huffman   
Monday, 10 January 2011 14:58

David L Huffman lived with his sister Mary and her husband George, after he was blinded in Vietnam 9/29/68 while in the Marines. After being hospitalized in various naval hospitals, David traveled back and forth from Chicago where he attended the VA blind rehabilitation center in order to adjust to being blind. As a young man, David was concerned about maintaining his manliness and still being attractive to women despite his blindness. He exercised and lifted weights and punched the speed bag. He was able to do 53 pull-ups, a nearly impossible task even by the most fit. Mid-February 1971, David bought a Camaro. He was in an automobile accident in the Camaro on his sister Mary’s birthday 2/26/71 while living in her home. He was in the backseat with his brother Ray who almost died. David was paralyzed from his chest down. Eventually, the paralysis resolved except for some remaining residuals down the left side of his body. He was not able to sit up for two months; he wore a body brace for another two months. David is left-handed. Very strangely, his injuries were limited to the most strongest parts of his body: his left rotator cuff, his right clavicle, and his thoracic spine directly in between the left rotator cuff and the right clavicle. As a result of injuring only the strongest parts of David’s body, David learned there are more important things in life than the body itself: people.

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