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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 30 January 2012 14:51

When Huffman was in undergraduate school, he wondered, “How am I going to do math calculations, especially algebra?”  Huffman’s braille was fair; he didn’t use it much.  Yet for math calculations, especially algebra, there was an additional problem.  Calculating algebra without braille would be extremely difficult.  Professors would point to calculations on the chalkboard saying “this or that would be subtracted this from that.”  Huffman was behind; he could not follow the professors as Wilmington College’s first blind student.  He was having a difficult time the first half of the semester.  He then obtained a tutor.  He did not have advanced braille to cover math calculations; he then made up his own braille system for his algebra calculations.  He passed algebra with a B.   How about the braille he made up for algebra calculations?  He forgot what he did after the semester was over.