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A Road Sweeper PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 01 November 2011 07:10

After the automobile accident 2/26/1970, Huffman was discharged from the Delaware Memorial Hospital 2 months later with a brace from his neck to his crotch.  He met at the Bureau of Visually Impaired in Wilmington, DE a young singer who was legally blind but not totally blind like Huffman;  Johnny Neal.  Johnny Neal was dating a girl named Patty.  Patty’s girlfriend across the street from her on St. Elizabeth St. was Sharon (Sherry) Guthrie.  The four met in town.  Huffman and Sherry then began dating each other.  The relationship between the two grew so fast, it triggered concern from Sherry’s parents.  August 1970, Sherry was told she could not see David any longer.  Both David and Sherry didn’t want to give up the relationship; they had fallen in love.  The couple decided they would go out of town and get married.  While leaving town on the way to Charleston, SC; Sherry told David, “I’m not 17, I’m 15”.  It was still legal to marry at 14 in SC, but the couple soon found a parent’s signature was needed.  They wondered, “What should we do next?”  David talked to a road sweeper and asked him to be Sherry’s dad for the day.  They all went in front of a Magistrate.  Since the road sweeper didn’t know how to spell his own name, the Magistrate became suspicious and let the couple go, and said, “I don’t know why you can’t get married.”  Sherry and David knew they ran out of options and called home.  Although they were hurt and angry, Sherry’s parents allowed the couple to get married January 9th, 1971; exactly one month after Sherry turned 16.  They stayed married nearly 20 years and have 3 children.  David was a high school dropout when he married Sherry and an attorney when they divorced. Sherry was worn out by trying to keep up with him. 

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