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Saturday, 30 July 2011 00:00

Marines’ in Vietnam primary concern was the enemy. There were other concerns as well: mosquitoes that seemed to be as big as houses, and other little critters, snakes and rats.  In some areas there were even other more dangerous animals.  Huffman remembers a couple close relationships with rats.  While moving during an operation at night a Marine may not know what’s going on.  He’ll be stopping and starting off and on until the Marines get to their destination.  It’s hard to tell why progress is stopped.  Sometimes a Marine just has to relax until things begin to move again.  One time while Huffman was doing this, he sat down against a paddy dike and a big old rat as big as a cat, jumped up and sat on his knee.  Huffman says the rat looked at him like, “what are you doing here, I own this place?”  But it was nothing like what happened to Rick Middleton and Morgan.  Pete had a little encounter with a rat during a night squad size ambush off of a small bridge around the bend to the right past a village going out of Hill 37.  The rat appeared then disappeared.  It started raining.  Morgan and Middleton had put their ponchos up in order to protect them from the rain.  Sometimes a Marine can’t have that luxury; it rained almost all the time.  All of a sudden, Rick Middleton with his strong Arkansas southern voice said, “Morgan, cut it out.”  Then Morgan with his New York accent was accusing Middleton of touching him.  The conversation went back and forth before they realized it was a rat that was inside the tent with them jumping across their bodies.  There was a loud scream, “a rat!” Ponchos, rifles, and other gear went everywhere.  The rat got away. Huffman wonders if the rat was smiling.  It certainly was something to laugh about after the fact.  Pete loves telling the story about the rat over and over again. Every time the details get funnier, and the rat grows in size, just like a “fish” story.

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