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A Future After Retirement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 10 September 2012 09:18

Huffman plans a future after retirement.  At 64 years old, for several months Huffman has been taking piano lessons and learning to play by ear.  He sings karaoke; he intends to sing and write music, and write a “Dodging Bullets” book about his life, and be involved in other writings.  His oldest daughter, Kimberly took voice lessons when she was a teenager. He believed she had one of the prettiest voices he ever heard.  Huffman listened in on her voice lessons.  He remembered the voice techniques years later and is now developing his own voice towards having a more professional sound by applying what he remembered himself.  Kimberly never made a career of singing as Huffman hoped she would although she had the talent.  She had problems in her life that interfered.

Huffman’s youngest son Will is an artist.  However, he hasn’t accomplished anything based on his level of talent either.  Through him, Huffman enjoys art just as he did listening to his daughter Kimberly sing.  Huffman now decided, “If I’m going to enjoy music in my personal life, I’ll do it myself and maybe I can show Kimberly how it’s done”.  As far as Will goes, and being a blind artist, Huffman hasn’t figured out a way.  Huffman does recall finger painting when he was in first grade.