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A Blind Mission PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 29 August 2011 08:53

After the reunion, it was time to get reacquainted.  Huffman made arrangements to visit Pete and Morgan in FL August 1993.  Huffman decided to fly down to Orlando to see Pete and Morgan.  Pete and Morgan were to pick Huffman up at the Orlando airport.  Pete and Morgan had a few beers or so before it was time to pick Huffman up.  They needed to waste away the hurry up and wait hours; they arrived in the area early.  Morgan was driving.  Later Huffman found out Morgan had difficulty seeing and had peripheral neuropathy in all 4 extremities as a result of the chemotherapy and radiation from when he had Hodgkin ’s disease in ’82.  He had to ride the brake and the gas pedals at the same time.  Distracted by a number of cold beers and becoming reacquainted with Pete, his best friend in Vietnam; Morgan missed the turn off to accomplish the mission.  Now in order to get to the Orlando airport at all, Morgan would be an hour late; but not Morgan.  Morgan cut across 2 highways, lanes of traffic, and landscaping with a brand new van and showed up at the handicap entrance with trees hanging out of his new van in time to pick up Huffman.  He couldn’t have staged a better scene in a movie.  Mission accomplished.  Morgan said, “I picked that blind mother fucker up on time”.   For Morgan, failure was never an option.