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76’ers Basketball Game PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 May 2011 15:32


In 1983 when David Huffman was with the Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program (VVLP); he helped organize a Vietnam Recognition night at a Philadelphia 76’er basketball game. Prior to the game, a Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran group played basketball with Vietnam Veterans from Wilmington, DE. The Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran group allowed non-Vietnam Veterans to be part of their Philadelphia Vietnam Veteran group. One of these non-Vietnam Veteran’s so happened to be an ex-Cleveland Cavalier basketball player. The Wilmington Vietnam Veteran group did not think it was fair that non-Vietnam Veteran players were allowed to play. A fight almost started over it. During halftime, the Wilmington Judo Club demonstrated Judo to the audience of 17,000 at the Spectrum. Huffman carried out the mats with 5 other players. Dick Hugh was on the microphone explaining the Judo techniques that were being demonstrated. Since every one of the Judo players knew what they were going to do in advance, none of the 17,000 knew Huffman was blind except for the few dozen in the audience that knew him.