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Dodging Bullets
    Things Come in Threes Even for the Blind

Retired Vietnam veteran, attorney David Huffman went to physical therapy for sciatica down his right leg on Thursday 2/__/2016. His assistant Sheri led him to the bathroom door. He went, washed his hands, grabbed the door and left the bathroom. He took a few steps and heard “you went out the wrong door”, a couple of inches from falling into the swimming pool with his clothes, cellphone, wallet and personal ID.
The next day he went to his attorney’s office, where Sheri once again took him to the bathroom door. He went, washed his hands, and instead of going out the outside door he went into another door which was a closet. That was after the elevator knocked the cane out of his hand and it fell down the elevator shaft and has not yet been recovered.
Huffman says “I’m glade things come in threes and I’m not expecting fours.”
There are those days when it doesn’t pay to get out of bed especially when you’re not paying attention to what you are doing.

    Stay the Course

Sometimes when you’re weary and you don’t know whether you’re doing the right thing, you may receive a sign of encouragement.  I received a sign of encouragement when I opened the new Veterans Square in Little Hocking, OH near my farm.  At the farm the last four numbers of my telephone number turned out to be 2014.  I moved into the farm in Little Hocking, OH in 2014.  The last four numbers to Veterans Square is 2015.  I moved into Veterans Square in 2015.  The events leading into a decision to close my law office and to move to Veterans Square occurred in 2012.  The second number at the office in Veterans Square is 2012.  My wife, Cheryl and I married in 2006.  The fax number is 2006. 

After being blinded in Vietnam with a history of multiple other injuries and diabetes and for other reasons I am in the process of retiring my law office, but will be assisting veterans and others at Veterans Square in other ways.  Sometimes being at home in between endeavors, it’s difficult to realize if you’re doing the right thing.  I needed some encouragement.  I believe God did give me the encouragement by the phone numbers that applied to me that defied statistical odds, which seemed to say, “Stay the course.”

    Clark Bar

For years Huffman’s daughter Frankie reported a Clark Bar monster in the house every Halloween after she went to sleep her Clark Bars were missing the next morning. The same thing happened on Easter and Christmas. Frankie was sure the little baby Jesus didn’t steal her Clark Bars; it must have been someone else.  Frankie’s sisters April and Kim had the same problems as well as her brother Keith. Somebody was stealing Clark Bars and it wasn’t Santa Claus nor was it a goblin. No other candy was touched. Today when Huffman’s sugar goes low Huffman’s assistant Teri Clark brings Huffman a Clark Bar to bring his sugar back up. Anyone could make an educated guess as to who was the Clark Bar thief in the 80’s. Huffman doesn’t deny it.


Pete’s Wife Patty is still making sure I receive my karma for teasing Pet about where he got shot( in the penis). Pete says tell people where I got shot, I say men would be lining up for designer that they saw his wife Patty.

For years Patty has been sending me nut gifts a since my hernia in 2001 which caused my right testicle to go into atrophy. I thought it ended last year when I sent Patty a 2 foot Christmas ornament, saying that it was my right testicle.

This year for Huffman’s birthday, Patty sent Huffman a nut scratcher and a candle that smells like nuts roasting over a fire.

What kind of nutty thing will she do next?

    Kayaking with Alligators

On 11/24/2014 Huffman and his wife Cheryl kayaked on the lake with alligators, of course he didn’t see the alligators however, neither did his wife Cheryl who can see. Together the Huffman’s over the years have gone on many roller coasters as well as bungee jumped, para-sailed, and zip lined. This was the Huffman’s second experience kayaking in Florida. Cheryl has an easier time it because of Huffman’s cervical injury with nerve damage down the left side of his body. Huffman was able to last for 45 minutes, before he wimped out on Cheryl as she can kayak forever.

Cheryl wants to go parachute jumping; Huffman is not so excited about it. Robert Eastman gave Huffman his wings from the Army when Huffman mistakenly went off the third floor balcony at Hawaiian Inn in Daytona Beach in 2001. Robert did try to get Huffman to parachute jump but a windy day stop the planes from flying for parachute jumping, “thank God” says Huffman. Cheryl still wants to go, Huffman may go if she goes, he doesn’t want to wimped out on her twice because of his injuries. “I don’t mind the jump or the thrill of falling, it is the landing that worries me” says Huffman. He also says “I’m not sure I feel comfortable going tandem with a guy strap behind me, besides the discomfort, even if he knows what he’s doing, I don’t”

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